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Episode 2: COVID and Kids

With their lives upended by the COVID-19 pandemic, naturally kids have lots of questions about the virus. Maddilyn Smith and Hirsch Zickefoose air some of these questions with Natrona County Health Officer Dr. Mark Dowell, and historian Dr. Jeremy Johnston. Maddilyn is particularly interested in the COVID-19 vaccine and how it will affect kids. Hirsch would like to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic compares to other epidemics throughout history. Maddilyn Smith Maddilyn Smith is a 4th grader in Green River, Wy. She loves writing her own mystery novels and illustrating them. She lives with her family and two dogs, Boomer… Read More »Episode 2: COVID and Kids

Episode 1: From Fire Season to Hunting Season

Sophia Moore and Taft Winters explore two important “seasons” in Wyoming—Fire Season and Hunting Season. Sophia had firsthand experience with the Lost Creek Fire outside of Cody, and has lots of questions for BLM dispatcher Katie Williamson. Katie helps Sophia understand the pros and cons of fires in the West. Taft Winter just passed his Hunter Safety course and wants to learn more about how the state manages the game herds. He is particularly interested in Mule Deer life history, and asks Sam Stephens, Wildlife Biologist with Wyoming Game and Fish, all about it. Sophia Moore Sophia Moore is an… Read More »Episode 1: From Fire Season to Hunting Season

Episode 6: Why Is Wyoming Called the Equality State?

In this episode, Ruby Hanson and Erica Unger examine two aspects of equality in Wyoming. Erica Unger, a ten-year-old from Douglas, Wyoming starts this episode with an interview with Christina Bird. Erica asks questions about suffrage in Wyoming in the 19th Century and about Nellie Tayloe Ross. Ross was the first woman governor of Wyoming and the United States. Ruby Hanson an eight-year-old from Cody, Wyoming gives us a different look at equality in Wyoming interviewing James Byrd of Cheyenne. Byrd is the son of the first black woman elected to the Wyoming State Legislature, Harriet Elizabeth Byrd. In this… Read More »Episode 6: Why Is Wyoming Called the Equality State?