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Episode 3: How Are Bugs, Skunks, and Sagebrush All Connected in Wyoming?

On this episode of Kids Ask Why, we learn about biodiversity and how things like bugs, skunks and sagebrush are all interconnected. Cedar and Leena speak with former Curator of the Draper Natural History Museum, Nathan Doerr, about wildlife food chains in Wyoming. Rory and Addie interview plant ecologist, Trevor Bloom, about the importance of plants like sagebrush to the ecosystem.

Episode 2: How Can Humans Help Wildlife Stay Safe?

Everyone (even kids!) can do all kinds of things to help keep animals safe. On this episode, we learn from two experts about how humans are impacting animals. Scarlett Fessler and Easton Burcham talk to Arthur Middleton, a professor of wildlife management, about migration–and about how people can help or hurt the chances of different migrating animals. Then, Peter Mayer and Ella Eggers talk to Melissa Hill, the director of the Raptor Program at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, about raptors, common bird injuries, and what people can do to help raptors stay safe.

Episode 4: Why Are Beavers And Mountain Men Linked In History?

Madison Burckhardt and Breann Berg learn how beavers and mountain men are linked in history. Madison interviews biologist, Jerry Altermatt about how beavers influence the environment and why they sometimes have to be moved. Breann interviews Clay Landry, fur trade historian, to discuss her favorite mountain man, John Colter, and his adventures in the Yellowstone region.