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Kids Ask WhY Podcast

Episode 7: Kids Know Why: Ranching and Rodeo

Cinch and Chauncey Dalton have been ranchers their whole lives, and they explained all about branding cattle in Wyoming. Cali Jo Johnson comes from a family of rodeo riders. She helps listeners understand about youth rodeo and her family’s strong connection to their horses.

Episode 6: Stump The Curator

In this episode, we invited kids who were visiting the Buffalo Bill Center of the West to ask questions about the American West of two of the museum’s experts – Nathan Doerr and Hunter Old Elk. With excellent questions about Yellowstone like “Why do hot springs have different colors?” and “What would a day in the life of a Plains Indian be like?”, these inquisitive kids certainly made the curators think and helped them look at the museum in a new way. Nathan Doerr Nathan is the Curator of Natural Science for the Draper Natural History Museum at the Buffalo… Read More »Episode 6: Stump The Curator

Explore More Episode 5: Summer Fun in Land, Water, and Air

Listen to Episode 5: Summer Fun in Land, Water, and Air Vocabulary Hot Air Balloon- a brightly colored sac filled with hot air that can carry people in a basket England- a country that is part of the United Kingdom, across the ocean from the United States Tether- to tie something with a rope or chain Riverfest- a celebration of kayak races Shoshone River- a 100-mile-long river located in Northern Wyoming White Water Kayak- an outdoor activity, using a small boat to float or race down a river Slalom Kayak- a single kayaker steers through a course of river rapids… Read More »Explore More Episode 5: Summer Fun in Land, Water, and Air