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Kids Ask Why?

Episode 6: Why Is Wyoming Called the Equality State?

In this episode, Ruby Hanson and Erica Unger examine two aspects of equality in Wyoming. Erica Unger, a ten-year-old from Douglas, Wyoming starts this episode with an interview with Christina Bird. Erica asks questions about suffrage in Wyoming in the 19th Century and about Nellie Tayloe Ross. Ross was the first woman governor of Wyoming and the United States. Ruby Hanson an eight-year-old from Cody, Wyoming gives us a different look at equality in Wyoming interviewing James Byrd of Cheyenne. Byrd is the son of the first black woman elected to the Wyoming State Legislature, Harriet Elizabeth Byrd. In this… Read More »Episode 6: Why Is Wyoming Called the Equality State?

Episode 4: Why Are Beavers And Mountain Men Linked In History?

Madison Burckhardt and Breann Berg learn how beavers and mountain men are linked in history. Madison interviews biologist, Jerry Altermatt about how beavers influence the environment and why they sometimes have to be moved. Breann interviews Clay Landry, fur trade historian, to discuss her favorite mountain man, John Colter, and his adventures in the Yellowstone region.