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Curator- a person in a museum who cares for, researches, and manages a collection of objects

Grand Prismatic- the largest hot spring in the United States, the hot water looks like a rainbow

Old Faithful- a geyser that erupts hot water every 44-120 minutes year round

Erupt- to release suddenly and violently

Thermophiles- heat loving organism, changing the color of hot pools in Yellowstone

Adaptation- changing to fit your environment

Peregrine Falcon- a medium sized bird that can dive out of the sky at 180 miles per hour

Aerodynamic- a rounded shape that makes air move around it easier

Swim Bladder- also known as an air bladder, contains oxygen that helps fish stay afloat

Buoyance- to be able to float in water

Aquatic- animals or plants that live in water

Geyser- a hot spring where water boils sending a tall column of water and steam into the air

Geological Story- following the major geological events in Earth’s past

Gneiss Rock- metamorphic rock, usually having lines in the rock formation

Wallowing- rolling in the dirt

War bonnet or Feather bonnet- hat made of feathers from different types of birds worn in a special ceremony

Cradle Board- a board or frame which a baby is tied on with blankets to keep them safe

Plains Indians- a group of Native Americans that lived in the middle section of North America

Europeans- people that came to the United States from a European Country

360 Adventure: Welcome to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Yellowstone: Animals and Their Habitats (for kids!)

Plains Indian Map over Time

Diverse Cultures of the Northern Plains Indian People

The Northern Plains Indian peoples have diverse cultures from tribe to tribe. This engaging and interactive curriculum resource will take you on a journey using primary sources, oral histories, and content as you learn about these cultures in both the past and present.

Diverse Cultures of the Northern Plains Indian People Resource

Rocky Boy Powwow Grand Entry, Montana, 2005

Plains Indian Cultures Yesterday and Today

When we think of Plains Indians, we often think about their life long ago when their ancestors hunted buffalo and lived in tipis, and some even in earth lodges. However, Plains Indian people today have vibrant cultures that reflect their past traditions and contemporary lives. 

Explore more about Plains Indian cultures here!

Buffalo Bill Center of the West collections, Comanche moccasins. NA.202.1183