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Explore More Episode 5: Summer Fun in Land, Water, and Air

Listen to Episode 5: Summer Fun in Land, Water, and Air


Hot Air Balloon- a brightly colored sac filled with hot air that can carry people in a basket

England- a country that is part of the United Kingdom, across the ocean from the United States

Tether- to tie something with a rope or chain

Riverfest- a celebration of kayak races

Shoshone River- a 100-mile-long river located in Northern Wyoming

White Water Kayak- an outdoor activity, using a small boat to float or race down a river

Slalom Kayak- a single kayaker steers through a course of river rapids in the fastest time possible

Boater Cross- a race with 2-6 kayakers with obstacles racing for the fastest time

Tourist- a person traveling and visiting a place they do not live

Rodeo- a sport involving horses and cattle, where individuals try to rope or ride the animals

Saddle Bronc Rider- a rodeo competition that involves the participant riding a bucking horse while sitting in a saddle

Fractured- to break something

Tibia bone- the larger bone in the lower leg

Ligaments- tissue that connects two bones

Bronc- a horse that bucks

Rough stock- referring to bucking horses and bucking bulls in rodeo

Hobble- to tie something together so it cannot easily move

Stirrups- a pair of devices attached to each side of a horse’s saddle for your feet to fit inside

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