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Harvest Vocabulary

Harvest: Time of year when crops are ripe and ready to be gathered

Crops: A cultivated pant grown as food; grains, fruits, vegetables

Irrigation: Supply of water to land or crops to help grow

Dry Farming: Growing crops without irrigation in regions with low precipitation annually

Drylands: Areas with cool wet seasons followed by dry, warm seasons

Combine: Machine designed to harvest grain crops. Named derives from its combining four separate harvesting operations (reaping, threshing, gathering, winnowing)

Reaping: Cut or gather

Threshing: Separate grain from plant

Winnowing: Blowing a current of air through grain in order to remove chaff

Sugar Beet: Plant whose root contains high concentration of sucrose commercially grown for sugar production

Hartville Vocabulary

Boomtown: Community that undergoes sudden and rapid population and economic growth

Bust: Community that undergoes rapid economic decline abruptly following boom

Hartville, Wyoming: One of the oldest incorporated towns in Wyoming. First settled in 1870s by prospectors mining for gold, silver, copper, onyx, and iron. It was officially established in 1884. Hartville is located in Platte County, Wyoming in Eureka Canyon.

Lt. Colonel Verling K. Hart: Served at Fort Laramie, Wyoming. Owned interests in copper mining after locating copper deposits in the area.

Company Towns: A town where almost all stores and houses are owned by one company; in the case of Hartville, a mining company.

Prospector: A person who searches for mineral deposits (i.e. gold, copper, silver, etc.)

Ghost Towns: An abandoned or deserted city or town that was once viable; usually contains visible remaining buildings and infrastructure.

Harvest Activities:

My American Farm (Pre K-5th Grade Activities)

Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom Curriculum

Hartville Activities:

Harvest Videos:

Wyoming Winter Wheat Harvest (Torrington)

Snow Storm – Sugar Beet Harvest – Washakie Co.

Pine Bluffs, WY Wheat Harvest – July 2020

Hartville Videos:

Driving Though Hartville, WY

Exploring the Nature of Wyoming, Hartville

Hartville, WY – Platte County Tourism

Sunrise, WY – Historic ghost town, archaeologic & geologic wonder!

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