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Explore More Episode 2: How Can Humans Help Wildlife Stay Safe?

Listen to Episode 2: How Can Humans Help Wildlife Stay Safe?


Ammunition- something that can be shot from a weapon

Backcountry- a remote area in the wilderness

Biologist- an expert in the science of living things

Bull Elk- male elk with visible antlers

Calf Elk- a young elk

Camera Trap- a camera that automatically takes a picture when it senses motion

Captivity- kept from escaping by humans

Carnivore- an animal that eats primarily meat

Cavity Nest- a nest in hollowed out places like rocks, cliffs, trees, and dirt mounds

Cheatgrass– a fast-spreading, weedy grass

Commercial Facility- a large business 

Falconer- a person who keeps, trains, or hunts with birds of prey

Fawn- a young deer

Habitat- a place where an organism makes its home and has things it needs to survive

High Country- a forested mountain area in high elevation

Invasive Species- a plant or animal that now lives in a place it did not used to; also called an introduced species

Lead Poisoning- when a metal called lead is absorbed and builds up in the body causing health problems

Migration- movement of animals from one place to another to search for food or different conditions with the seasons

Over-hunting- hunting more animals than their populations can replace or supply

Overpass- a bridge or road that goes over another road

Pest- an insect or other animal that destroys or attacks crops, food, livestock, etc.

Pesticide- something, usually a chemical, used to prevent or destroy pests from causing harm

Raptor- a bird of prey, like an eagle, hawk, falcon, or owl

Rehabilitation- restoring someone back to health or normal life

Reintroduce- bring something, like a plant or animal, back to a place it lived in the past

Restore- return to a way something used to be

Skyscraper- a very tall building

Underpass- a road or tunnel that goes under another road

Wildlife- wild, living things that are not human

Wind Turbine- a device that converts wind to electrical energy for power

How to Make Feather Guards

Migration Challenge Activity

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