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About Us

The Kids Ask WhY Podcast provides a platform for children to ask questions and explore topics they are interested in. It gives kids the chance to use their voices and share why they love Wyoming. By providing this platform for the students, adults can get a better understanding of what young people want to know and WhY. 

Through Kids Ask WhY we hope to spark curiosity, imagination and so much more with the kids and all listeners.

The Kids Ask WhY Podcast is a partnership between Wyoming Public Media and the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

The Kids Ask WhY Podcast Team 

  • Kamila Kudelska: Sound Designer/ Executive Producer/Editor
  • Anna Rader: Digital Producer¬†
  • Emily Buckles: Producer
  • Gretchen Henrich: Producer¬†
  • Jesse Mae Dalton: Producer
  • Alex Martin: Producer
  • Micah Schweizer: Advisor